Create a Legacy of
Faith and Values
for Generations to Come

Walk with a team of financial, faith, health, and life-planning experts to achieve your definition of success.

Greater Gifts Family Office Life Wheel

Our clients discern what God is calling them to do, and we help them along that path through Spiritual Direction, Discernment Exercises, and Silent Retreats. Read more »

Looking for More from your Advisor?

Have you been chasing money, but feeling empty?
Are you longing for more purpose in life but don’t know where to start?

Worried about the money values that you will pass on to your kids?

Want to give your children the tools to handle what life throws at them?

Unsure what your life’s calling is and no idea how to discern it?

If you answered yes, you are in the right place.
We understand searching for guidance in all areas of your life is overwhelming. It's hard to know who to trust. You were built for a deeper purpose and want to create a meaningful legacy of values and security for your family, but not knowing where to begin can be paralyzing.

At Greater Gifts, we:

Care deeply about you, not just your money
Are the region's only financial advisory team that includes a Certified Financial PlannerTM, Certified Financial Therapist-ITM, and a spiritual companion
Offer over three decades of experience with $140 million in assets under management

What Are You Looking For as You Envision Your Future?

As part of our unique, faith-based approach, we offer:

Comprehensive Life and Financial Assessment

Review your health, goals, spiritual journey, and investments with our team of experts

Life Wheel Assessment

Using Ignatian Discernment exercises, we help you uncover your God-given purpose and goals within these sections of the Life Wheel: Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Social, Generational, and Personal
St. Ignatius of Loyola, C. 1522

Spiritual Guidance

Our spiritual companion helps you and your family discern God's will for your life and how it impacts your wealth

Financial Planning

Using the goals created from the Life Wheel assessment, we create a financial plan that addresses cash flow, estate planning, insurance, and taxes

Financial Literacy Training

We offer training for your children or grandchildren to prepare them to inherit wealth

Health and Wellness Coaching

Our Advisory Fees fees include access to a premium wellness app to track your physical health goals and speak with a licensed Dietician

Video Time Capsule Creation

Record your story and insights for future generations

Wealth Management

Our expert financial planning goes beyond consumerism and wealth for its own sake. Investing strategies will be driven by the goals created by you

What's the Real Cost of Working with a Finance-Only Advisor?

How much is continuing along without a trusted advisory team costing you? Are faith or health challenges sapping the happiness you should be feeling with all your success? Paralyzed with not knowing where to find guidance? Embarrassed or afraid to ask for help? Up at night worrying about your children's values and ability to discern what to do with God's gifts? Or worse yet, are you losing money and optimism because you are working with an advisor who doesn't feel called to a higher purpose? Not working with a client-centered advisory team may be costing you a great deal.

Where are you going? Let Greater Gifts be your guide.

Our team is here to connect your investments with your true interests, your spirituality, your health and your desire to leave a legacy of faith.

Discover Your Path with Our Faith and Fulfillment Plan

Contact us for a complimentary Life Wheel assessment and consultation
Work with our team to discern your gifts, goals and dreams
Get your comprehensive plan and choose the next steps to take
Count on your team to shepherd you on your life’s journey
Experience the peace and freedom of having direction and purpose