Life Wheel Assessment

The Life Wheel Assessment: Discovering God’s Plan for You

Do you often feel like your life is out of balance?

Perhaps you’ve wondered if you’ve spent too much time on your career and not enough time with family. Maybe your financial goals just seem out of sync with your life goals. More importantly, perhaps your physical and spiritual health have taken a back seat to your career, which has left you feeling unbalanced and unfulfilled

Have you ever thought about how an unbalanced life could affect your financial goals?

Many people have never realized the toll that an unbalanced life with lack of fulfillment can have on finances. This is why our team at Greater Gifts has created the Life Wheel Assessment: a way to help you discover God’s purpose for you and your life goals.

The Life Wheel consists of seven sections that represent 7 main areas of your life: financial, spiritual, physical, emotional, social, generational, and personal.

Don’t wait another day to find balance in your life. Discover your God-given life purpose with our Life Wheel Assessment.