Financial Literacy Training

Teach Financial Literacy, Leave a Legacy

We’ve seen it before: A common worry among our clients is that their children or grandchildren will not know how to respect the financial wealth they inherit
Most often, it’s the fear that their hard-earned legacy will be squandered within a generation that makes one reevaluate their estate and wills.
At Greater Gifts, we know that the single greatest threat to one’s legacy is that of ignorance – financial planning ignorance, uncertainty over life goals, and indecisions over careers and vocations. This is why, in order to secure your legacy, we offer financial literacy training for your children, grandchildren, or any heir to your wealth.
However, we don’t just stop at educating your children and grandchildren in finances. We want your financial and life values to pass to your children as well. This is why our financial literacy program also includes a personal component that aims to pass your values on to your heirs through education.
Don’t let your hard-earned wealth be squandered. Our financial literacy program can help you and your children or grandchildren leave a legacy for generations.