Who We Are

By: Kevin Jordan

Greater Gifts developed from one core idea: A fulfilling life is more than simply reaching financial goals.

Throughout our decades of experience in the industry, we’ve witnessed that most financial firms, while successful in managing investments, leave many of their clients’ deep life questions unanswered. We realized the missing component in the planning process was Faith. Families were building wealth in their financial lives, but were often neglecting their relationship with God or discounting the power of prayer. This, we noticed, has the potential to cloud their financial decisions and impede their ability to leave a fulfilling legacy.

So, we began a journey to transform our traditional financial advisory firm into a family practice built upon this higher purpose – to use our expertise to help families build a truly fulfilling life and leave a legacy of values for their children. Our services provide balance in all areas of your life, as illustrated by our Life Wheel. We have seen firsthand how the sole pursuit of “success” can strain family relationships down the road. Children experience depression or grandchildren fall away from the Church. As advisors, we can no longer ignore the importance of prayer and discernment. We invite you to begin by asking “What is God calling me to do?” and “What legacy does He want me to leave?”

At Greater Gifts, we are a team of financial experts and faith companions who will help you build your faith and fulfillment plan. Our wealth management staff of 3 qualified investment advisors consists of a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Financial Therapist-I. Greater Gifts is a division of Macke Financial Advisory Group, a fee-only RIA firm founded by CEO Todd Macke 25 years ago. We currently advise 100 client families and manage over $140 million in assets. How is God calling us to expand our gifts? By offering families peace of mind that they can achieve financial independence without sacrificing what matters most. 

Do you want your legacy to be more than just money? Is your goal to experience harmony in retirement?  Do you want to ensure that your children are prepared for what life has in store from them?

Let Greater Gifts be your guide.

Greater Gifts Logo Explained

To celebrate our expanded services with Greater Gifts Family Office, we have developed a brand new logo. Here is some of the meaning behind the design!

Colors: Green and Gold. Green represents the financial aspect of our business as a wealth management firm. It is the same color green that has been used by Macke Financial Advisory Group for 25 years. Gold represents the Kingdom of Heaven and spiritual wealth.

People: The three small figures are symbolic of the generational nature of our work and how we strive to achieve synergy in the families we serve. The increase in size of the individuals also reflects the increase in financial security we provide through our comprehensive approach. Together, they form a bar chart that ultimately leads to the cross.

Cross: The top of the bar chart is in the shape of a cross because it is a symbol for faithfulness to God’s will. It’s a reminder to pursue His definition of success – whether or not that corresponds to the world’s definition. The silhouette symbolizes both the legacy we leave behind to our descendants and Christ’s victory over death.

Star: The shooting star above the bar chart is a reminder that God is showing us the way to Him. Our aim for success can and should lead us closer to His heart. The path of the star follows the Golden Ratio, which is a mathematical proportion found in art and architecture throughout history.

Ring: The Greater Gifts logo is encapsulated by two crescent halves to form a circle or ring. This has many meanings, but we like to imagine it as you and our firm working side by side. It is also a reminder of how we are all surrounded by God’s love and protection.