Our Process

Taking the first step towards managing your family’s future can seem daunting. Making a change from your current Advisor may be stressful. We are here to make it as easy as possible.

Once you’ve scheduled your initial consultation, you will receive a link to upload your completed Short Questionnaire and relevant financial documents before the meeting.

1 – Initial Consultation
We will use the hour-long consultation to hear any questions you might have and describe how our firm could help you define and achieve your goals. 
If you choose to hire us, we will draft a simple Letter of Engagement that covers all the topics we discussed in our meeting and any of your stated goals. Additionally, we have a standard Financial Planning Agreement that outlines all the services we are required to provide to you in the process of completing your plan.
2 – Life Planning Meeting
We use the 7 segments of our Life Wheel to discuss what brought you to us and identify practical ways in which to help you discern God’s calling. Spiritual guidance and financial therapy concepts will drive much of the conversation.
3 – Financial Planning Meeting
We present the first glimpse of your financial plan using the information provided to us. This is your opportunity to make tweaks to the blueprints and see the effects of various planning strategies.
4 – Presentation Meeting
We illustrate your completed plan showing the path to financial independence. A hard copy of all recommendations is delivered for future reference as well.
5 – Beyond
With a comprehensive plan to serve as a baseline for your financial needs, we are ready to embark on the rest of your Life Wheel journey. Greater Gifts offers a full program of services and a team of experts to walk with you on the path toward fulfillment. For insight into each of these services, check out our What We Do pages.