What We Do

Simply put, we are a financial planning and wealth management firm who includes life-planning and wellness services at no extra cost. Our goal is to help individuals or families navigate through life with a purpose so that they can experience true fulfillment. Through investment management and ongoing financial planning, we can create a roadmap for financial independence through retirement. But this is just one section of your Life Wheel.
Greater Gifts helps you balance your financial goals with other aspects of your life to fill feelings of emptiness or doubt with resolve that you are on a path toward fulfillment.
Do you worry about your children or grandchildren? We offer financial literacy training to prepare them for inheriting wealth. Do you wonder if they will share your values about money? We help you craft a family mission statement, a Loving Will, and even record a Video Time Capsule.
Do you avoid setting big goals or chasing dreams? Our staff is trained in financial therapy and vocational coaching!
Our quarterly meetings are interactive, allowing you to become more than a spectator in your own planning process. Our collaborative model is designed to give you peace of mind and build lasting relationships with one another.