How We Are Different

Faith-Based Financial Planning: A Revolutionary Approach to Wealth Management

Greater Gifts Family Office is an independent, fee-only advisory firm that offers both comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services. This means that we are not a subsidiary of a large bank or brokerage firm, and we never sell any products or receive compensation for any of our investment recommendations or transactions on your behalf. We are held to a Fiduciary Standard 100% of the time, which means that we are required by law to do what’s best for you first.

Where we differ from other Fee-Only, Fiduciary Advisors is that we offer tangible services that address our client’s unique goals and desires for their family. Other firms may advertise “holistic” planning services, but these are rarely defined in great detail. We bring our holistic services to the forefront with our Life Wheel. 

The Life Wheel describes aspects of our clients lives that are all equally important considerations when creating a financial plan. However, the segment of the Life Wheel that is most often avoided in financial meetings is Spiritual. We created Greater Gifts to reach those who are yearning to answer God’s call and act with purpose, but are looking for a helping hand along the way. 

We care about your dreams and life goals, not just your wealth. At Greater Gifts you will collaborate with a wealth and health advisory team to guide you on your journey to personal transformation.

With the experts at Greater Gifts, you will leave legacy more lasting than wealth because your treasure goes beyond money.